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un bout de souffle / duchenne diptychs


can you photograph breath?
how does breathing look like photographed?

it appears that someone had heard of garry winogrand and found the title of the festival inspiring (atemzug, approximate translation: take a breath). i was supposed to contribute a portrait session but my plan b had just fallen through and i was out of ideas.

so these questions came as a relief (and reminded of duchenne’s experiments). i set up a portable studio and asked sitters to do as follows (while making two exposures): take a seat, breathe in, open eyes, hold still, breathe out, close eyes, hold still.

here are a few of the portraits made that way:

contact prints from 6×9 cm negatives, exposed in a kodak folding camera from the 1920s.

how do the sitters seem so relaxed? on a tiny folding chair, in front of a camera? surrounded by a crowd having drinks, arguing about art, observing the experiment?

un bout de souffle was a contribution to the project atemzug at the zuger kunstnacht 2016 (curated by dimolinari and paettern).