orbites improbables / xiii

junior astronauts in training.

shipwrecked on a telluric planet, patching up their spacecraft. 

‘… going to have to science the shit out of this’ as astronaut mark watney concludes in a similar situation on mars.

suggested soundtrack: cosmonaut petrov (by the red elvises), rocket man (elton john, video by majid adin), major tom (david bowie) or pink floyd’s dark side of the moon?

13 portraits. silver gelatin prints from paper negatives.

may 2019 / april 2020.


episode 2 of the bbc podcast 13 minutes to the moon is about apollo 13 (11-17 april 1970).

a real-time experience of apollo 13 is proposed here (about the same duration as the junior astronauts’ training) and nasa has still more material on the mission.